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Maasai are tall, sleek, decorated in jewellery and draped in red blanket-like shukas. The Maasai have a reputation for bravery and even arrogance. Their belief is that Ngai, their rain god, entrusted all cattle to them, permitting them to raid the cattle from other tribes. Their primary goal as a tribe is to raise cattle and often will move in search of grazing for their animals. A tribe’s wealth is determined by the number of cattle it owns, quantity will out-weigh quality and they use their animals for trade and custom. A father will demand a negotiated number of cattle from his daughter’s suitor as payment for her hand in marriage. Cattle also make up a big part of their everyday lifestyle with use of the hides for bedding and clothing. Blood and milk are used for food, dung for plastering walls and in recent years the less nomadic tribes will use their cattle to till the soil of their vegetable gardens.

Sadly the traditions of the Maasai are being engulfed by the ever increasing western influence, attracting many of the younger Maasai to forego their tribal ways in exchange for more comfortable and convenient western living. However some of the more rural tribes living in the Mara’s dispersal areas still practice their ancient ways as semi nomadic pastoralists. With less ground available than before for grazing, they now have smaller herds of cattle and are now farm vegetables and therefore have an additional commodity with which to trade.

About the Masaai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania



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