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The Annual Great Migration

The Great Migration from the Serengeti in the south is one of the most spectacular wildlife shows on earth. Although the exact timing of the migration varies every year, the best time to witness this spectacle in the Mara is usually between July and August, when large numbers of wildebeest and other antelope congregate and prepare to cross the Mara River in search of fresh grazing on the other side. Predators hunt frequently as the migrating antelope pass through their territories. Calves are particularly vulnerable during this time and the Mara river crossing poses life threatening obstacles. Many drown in the scramble to cross, or become lunch to the crocodiles. Those that survive will enjoy the grasslands of the Mara Triangle before turning south at the onset of the short November rains to return to the Serengeti in October – November. To witness the migration and especially a river crossing is undoubtedly a highlight and a privilege on any safari that will earn the traveller bragging rights around the dinner table back home.

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