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Masai Mara trekking on foot – Traditionally a African safari is conducted by road in a 4×4 safari vehicle, but one of the best ways to experience the African wilderness is on foot. Always ensure that it is safe and that you are allowed to hike in the area that you are visiting. Walking in the Reserve is controlled but you can arrange a walking safari with your lodge, camp or safari outfitter.

There are more walking options outside the Reserve and one of the best ways to truly experience the bush is with a local Maasai guide. He will explain what you see and point out what you may otherwise miss, discuss local customs and legends and use his experience to keep you safe.  A bush walk can be both a thrilling experience and a good opportunity to learn about the wilderness, medicinal properties of plants and discover the smaller animals and birdlife that you never see from a vehicle.

Loita Hills is a popular highland area outside the Reserve that attracts hikers because of its wildlife diversity and beautiful scenery. Another area to consider is the Nguruman escarpment.

Masai Mara Walking Safari

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